Alien hominid

Alien Hominid

Alien Hominid the protagonist of the homonym game and is a bug-like alien entity from an unknown planet. The being is gender-neutral, yellow, as tall as an average child and very skilled in weaponry use and U.F.O. flying. Alien Hominid appears to be particularly violent, but only when in need of self-defense. While its primary weapon is a laser pistol, the titular Alien Hominid can throw grenades, and has a knife for up-close kills. It can also bury itself underground, allowing it to reach up and grab enemies that pass above to eliminate them, or jump on enemies from above and devour their heads. However, the alien is also capable of peaceful behavior and does not dispose of all humans he encounters (although he does kill the vast majority of them). One example is his gratefullness towards the Fat Kids, NPC characters that help him in-game by providing him with a variety of power-ups, most of which can provide him with a shield and a weapon power boost. After crashing on the planet Earth with his space ship, Alien Hominid awakened, only to discover that his ship had been confiscated by the FBI. After destroying numerous cities and a large amount of enemies the alien managed to rebuild his ship only to crash once again after being hit by a soviet missile headed towards the United States (theoretically saving the country from destruction). After a lengthy excursus in the U.S.S.R and the infamous Area 51, Alien Hominid faced off in an ultimate confrontation against a muscular clone of his very own self, defeating the beast and finally leaving the dreaded planet once and for all. The Alien appears to enjoy collecting hats (which are featured in multiple styles as unlockable add-ons in the game), from large 60's style wigs to Viking helmets. As the star of an original Newgrounds title, the alien has appeared in numerous games of the same type and is consequently one of the most renown characters to be featured in a Flash based videogame. Alien Hominid's design is the result of Dan Paladin's work on the game.

Newgrounds RumbleEdit

in Newgrounds Rumble, the Alien Hominid is a moderate-level character. two special features with him is that his ending screen is clickable. upon clicking, the Alien Hominid's ship will fall on him, changing the ending text to "whoops", and the spaceship will have the word "lol" inscribed on it (NOTE: doing this does not count as a death). the other is that his profile pic is animated (it can blink it's eyes)

  • Wide attack range
  • Balance of power/speed
  • Some slow & weak attacks
  • Terrible durability